October 9, 2015

Fall is my favorite season, for so many reasons! Fall is just a beautiful time of year, and it's the part of the year that I can go through the day and not sweat to death. All of my make up stays on my face and my hair isn't a frizz fest!

Since I created a Summer Bucket List this Summer, I want to go ahead and create a Fall Bucket List as well. I had so much fun this past Summer, even with my long work hours, so I definitely want to keep the momentum going.

Here's an update on my Summer Bucket List:
1. Take a cooking class.
2. Enjoy a girls weekend at the lake.
3. Go on a day hike.
4. Take a girls trip.
5. Go to a Braves game.
6. Have a cook out at the house and have people over.
7. Day trip to the beach.
8. Girls night in cooking together. 
9. Go to a drive in theatre.
10. Go to a food truck festival.
11. Watch Hot Pursuit. 
12. Try at least two new restaurants in the area.
13. Beach weekend in September. 

I realize I may have bitten more than I can chew for my Summer Bucket List, so I am going to simplify the bucket list for Fall.

1. Go to a corn maze or apple orchard.
2. Trip to the mountains.
3. Make S'mores.
4. Have a movie night and enjoy a Fall inspired dish.
5. Visit a haunted house.

What is on your Fall Bucket List? Do you love Fall as much as I DO?!

Happy Friday, xx.