March 5, 2014

I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday not to boast, but to hold myself accountable and inspire others. I have seen so many posts the past couple of months about starting the morning off right. I am still adjusting my morning routine, but this will definitely be a part of it. I think the scripture and devotional were perfect for me. It talked about laying down my worries and trusting God. So much of my time is spent worrying about the future.

Thinking this way can make me quickly lose sight of my purpose here on this earth. None of the worry pleases God or brings Him joy. If anything, it stifles my ability to bring joy to others, to encourage them, to accomplish what I need to each day. I am learning to focus again on the Lord and to really place my faith and trust in Him and not myself. Boy, is that hard. I would much rather do things on my own, but where does that lead me? I feel anxious, fearful, sad, lonely, and angry. I can't do everything myself. Sometimes I have to scream it to myself inside - Melissa, you can't do it all! Stop trying! 

I feel now that the Lord is speaking to my heart and reminding me that He loved me first. He knew me before I was conceived, and He knows my heart to this day. The truth is, I just have to learn again for myself. I know that Jesus has been instrumental in my life and He has led me through some amazingly beautiful, difficult, and painful times. I may not understand why things have turned out the way they have, but in the end, I will be okay. Worrying does no good.  

Onto a new day...


  1. You are doing amazing at this! Something I should strive for more myself.

  2. I am the same way! I have really been trying to work on myself more & focus better!