March 3, 2014

Living alone is not something I ever planned on. I honestly have never done it before until after my divorce. The closest I came to living alone was having my own dorm room in college. Even then I was surrounded by close to 20 other girls.

Now that I am living alone for the first time in my young adult life, I thought I'd embrace the experience. There are some perks to living alone and I think for the most part I enjoy it. It does get lonely and there are times I would like to walk into my living room and talk to a person face-to-face, but for now, phone calls and FaceTime will just have to do.

Here are some of my favorite things of living alone. Maybe you can relate...

1. Cooking for myself. I usually enjoy cooking and it's nice to cook what I want. It's also nice to eat dinner on the living room couch occasionally...

2. My own flexible cleaning schedule. I love to come home (and wake up) to a tidy apartment. I have my own little cleaning schedule, however I can change it up whenever I want to.

3. Some serious privacy. No longer do I share my space with another have to keep things "ladylike". I just like to let it hang out, ya know?
4. Lots of time to think...and practice my winning argument skills.
5. Decorating for myself is awesome. I can choose how I want to decorate. I don't care if it looks like actual estrogen took up residence in my apartment...
I still do this though....


  1. Heheh. #4 for sure is what I'm all about. In fact, if it weren't for my male animals I'm pretty sure I would have to assume Estrogen came and had a party in my place. Oh, do you also fantasize about your next wedding? Or is that just guy or anything per se, just how damn awesome I'll be looking.

  2. hahah love these!! I've never lived alone either, but since B is in school sometimes it feels like I do!

  3. I'm looking forward to ALL of these things when I finally move out in a few months. I'm sure I'll have a few nights of not sleeping well hearing noises and such(I always do when I'm somewhere new) but getting to have the privacy and, I'm getting excited just thinking about it!