March 1, 2014

You know that moment at the end of a long week where you just throw your hands up and say, "It's the weekend. I'm done!" Well, now is that moment.

Saturday is also known as my Saturdaze. I am lazy, recouping, relaxing, and watching way too much Netflix. I feel a little guilty for being lazy, so to compensate I blow dry & curl my hair. Now, that's an accomplishment. Have you seen my hair? If not, I should show you guys a pic...Not right now though.

Here's to a lot of coffee. A lot of lounging. A lot of Netflix. A lot of nothing.


  1. I totally understand. I live for the weekends... It's my time to decompress and store up more energy for the following week. I love your cute little bloggy... following along!

  2. seems like the perfect saturday! i've been trying to hunt down a cup of coffee since i woke up..haven't found it yet.
    oh, and i love your curly hair!

  3. I did this yesterday, actually what I did was live-tweet the entire freaking Oscars which is something I would have never done "before" because no guy would ever sit through the whole thing and discuss fashion.