November 15, 2016

Sometimes, when I am journalling, I will write a HAPPY LIST. 😄

The rules are pretty easy.

Write down 10 (or more) things that make you happy. These can be silly, simple, or small. It doesn't have to be an out of the park wish list (hello, a million dollars?!). It just needs to be things that literally make you smile or give you J O Y. It's best when it's things you've done or have experienced before.

Here is my HAPPY LIST!

1.  Christmas trees.
2. Anything from Starbucks.
3. A good hug.
4. A good cry.
5. Disney movies.
6. A fast moving line at the grocery store.
7. Smell of rain.
8. The crackle of a fire.
9. Pumpkin candles.
10. A good work-out.
11. A good page-turner.
12. Puppies or dogs in general.
13. The 1st bite of a really good dessert.
14. Hand-written cards.
15. Tumbleweed or tiny houses.

What's on your list? Share with me below!

Happy List Making, xx

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