July 1, 2016

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your...nothing. Don't take it off, and trust me, you don't want me to either.

I cannot believe it's JULY! The summer is in full swing, both professionally, weatherly (?), and socially. Lots of late nights working, lots of students and parents to talk to (I work at a college), and the sweat. Oh, the sweating. Like, did I take a shower, or nah?

Let's recap last month and see how I did, shall we?

Finish Rising Strong - not quite finished, but it is a very deep book.
Meet up with at least one friend and catch up - DONE!
Win the weight loss challenge at work for June and smoke all of my co-workers (!!!) - We haven't actually weighed yet, but I am pretty sure I bombed this one...
Blog at least once per week - DONE!
Think of other ideas for 30 or 60 Day Challenges - DONE! They are scheduled and you will hear about them soon.

I don't think I did too bad. I didn't really put anything up about my weight loss, other than the challenge, but that has to improve as well. Nothing comes easy, right?

Read through the chronological Bible plan every week in July. It's 7 assigned readings a week, consisting of several chapters at a time. 
Finish Rising Strong and start a new book
Blog at least once per week
Work out at least three days a week
No more over-spending! Tithe first!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Independence Day! May it be filled with fun, fireworks, and plenty of Popsicles! 

Happy Friday, xx!

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