August 29, 2014

I am so excited for this long weekend! If you don't get a long weekend, I am really, really sorry! It's one of the perks of working in higher education and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Since I am taking this weekend to get my s#!t together, I figured I'd splatter it all over here for you to see! That way - it holds me accountable!

1. Launder (fancy talk for wash) my clothes.
2. Work on blog posts - like for realzies.
3. Work on VA (Virtual Assistant) work! I am finally gaining some clients! Wahoo!
4. Spend time with my parents! I haven't seen them very much at all.
5. Read, read, read. I need to be better about this in general.
6. Relax or watch like 7 movies.
7. Eat!
8. Take naps.

What are long weekends for?! Also, can I just say how depressing it is that this year is flying on by. I have not accomplished all I wanted to this year, but I will say this year kicks last year's ass! In a good way.

See ya on the flippity flop!

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